The magic energies clamping the planes together released letting a out thundering explosion that rips the dark tower in half. With a wailing howl the necrotic energy animating the invading undead is sucked from their bodies and pulled back through the closing rend in space.

The pall hanging over the city clears and a ragged cheer goes up from the beleaguered defenders. The reprieve is short lived as thousands of goblins warriors come pouring down from the east with a cry and fall on the Gnoll mercenaries camped outside the walls, the fighting is brief and bloody, but the larger gnolls are outnumbered 4 to 1 and the goblins are full of fury. The goblin army then pulls back to consider besieging the city as pandemonium ensues, and the walls on the east are hastily fortified.

An exhausted group of warriors emerges from the shattered tower battered and bruised. They are quickly “captured” by a goblins war party who halted their attack in surprised when a holy warrior stepped forward bearing the symbol of Gizban and greeted them in fluent goblin (with the accent of a Fey Warden [goblin clan]). When brought before the armies war leaders their story while nearly unbelievable is vouched for by 2 of the clan elders who accompany the army. The army temporarily halts the campaign against the humans while the Heroes story is discussed, and their strange condition studied by the mages and clerics.

Meanwhile in the city, panic among the population becomes ugly when it is discovered all the mages have vanished and the hired mercs and many high level nobles fled on a Transport ship down river a few days earlier. A delegation is quickly organized by the remaining Captains to discuss terms of surrender and sent out to the goblin army.

Many of the goblin commanders urge the slaughter of the enslavers of their people, but cooler heads (influenced by Blix and surprisingly Sir Bonk) push for accepting the surrender, pointing out the Shadow have not been seen by the goblin army yet and goblins lives should not be thrown away in an assault on the walls just for revenge.

The humans city is now run by the Watcher clan under strict rules. The Goblin slaves are freed, and due to the huge differences with the goblin clans it is decided they will form a new clan with its own lands, called Freehome.

The Goblins have returned home and conquered the enemies they found, but the shadow creatures have mysteriously vanished, and their human allies the mages along with them…..

Sir Bonk and Paul

Freeze Frame:Image of Paul and Sir Bonk in a room pouring over Tomes of Planar travel, out of focus in the background is a magic planar circle

Sir Bonk helped his fellow mages study the effects of the Shadow Ritual and the knowledge gathered by the humans. However his new form, and experiences, made many of the other goblin mages uncomfortable. He ended up spending more time with Paul discussing his experience of traveling the planes. When Paul decided to try and find the city of Sigil, Sir Bonk gladly accepted the invitation to go along.

Freeze Frame:Image of Blix holding the Orb of Light aloft blazing into the darkness, barest hint of armed goblins warriors behind him

Blix spent the next years hunting down the undead that did not get sucked back through the portal. Wraiths, zombies, banshees he destroyed them all. He was last seen leading warriors though a dark portal to the Shadowfell opened by a Vampire lord in a cave deep in the mountains.

Freeze Frame:Image of a grim faced Sly appearing from the shadows behind an opulently dressed human dining at table, blade in hand

Sly is leading an expedition to find the escaped human nobles who had controlled the city and their hired mercs. He agreed to take a small number of human soldiers, as they too desire revenge, however the goblin assassins do most of the wet work. Three escaped lords have already been eliminated, it will take a few years but they will fall.
Grub Nut

Freeze Frame:Image of Grub Nut drinking vigorously with an Eladrine while punching an angry looking elf in the shoulder. In the background a busty human wench looks on

Grub Nut spent a few months drinking in the merchant quarter with visitors from all races, mostly this was because the Goblin ladies didn't believe in cross-species fraternization. The human wenches didn't mind so much. About the time the debauchery was getting a bit old, he accepted an offer from the Eladrine officer Revad to journey into the feywild and visit the Court of the Summer Queen as thanks for help given in the past.

Freeze Frame:In a twisted forest in the Shadowfell, barely visible in the gloom a ghostly warlord pushes ahead into the blackened trees. The barest flicker of movement following behind him shows he is not alone, vaporous wooden spears held low his warriors follow.


Freeze Frame:Image of Strom in full battle gear on hilltop overlooking shattered ruins half absorbed by the surrounding jungle.

Strom (who was taking a leak during the final showdown) helped the holy warriors of his order chase down some of the escaped Gnolls war parties going on a final rampage in the name of their fire god. After the task was finished he took the enchanted spear and headed an expedition south to beyond the borders of the former Wolf Clan territory. He was searching for ruins mentioned in one of the human Mages tomes that mentions the spear in passing and how it was discovered in "the ruins" to the south. He has not yet returned.


Through the Fire and Shadow Mando