Journal Section 4

Year 113

Feb 4th

We received a dispatch ordering 4 squads of soldiers to report to Fort Axe immediately. Needed for “threats against the realm”. I made sure to absent myself when Sir Petrar received the news, apparently the messenger was sent running with a sound beating. The Captain may be angry now, but it has made his position here even stronger, 2 of the lieutenants are to go with them and he will send Mannis and Tom. With only those most loyal soldiers left my running of this camp has become more and more of a sham. I fear that I may have an unfortunate accident soon. The new Mage isn’t likely to support me as he is a spoiled sort, waiting out his year so he can return to the city. He dresses far above level his position (and unfortunately, skill) would allow. He must have powerful connections or family back in the city, though what he did to get sent out here I don’t know, maybe it’s better than living in the city these days.

May 2nd

A force of soldiers and Chosen stopped her briefly to rest and replenish supplies before marching deeper into the wilderness. The leader of the expedition was a Chosen Magi Tragrath, however the chosen did not enter the compound, and they were only stopping so the humans could be watered.

The soldiers under the command of Sir Benaden looked tired and very tense. Their commander only talked to Sir Petrar and me briefly before he was summoned to resume the march.

Apparently a small group of High Elves have invaded the realm from another plane and Magi Tragrath means to throw them out. As they marched out the looks on the faces of soldiers told me they didn’t think they’d be coming back. The workers and soldiers gathered to watch them ride off (I made sure I was as far from Sir Petrar as possible), openly gawking at the sight of the Chosen in the flesh. Some were disappointed, though I think the Goliath lived up to their imagination. I do not feel well these days, I feel that something horrible is coming.

May 7th

Taran has been killed, ripped to shreds by one of the stable hands (Len)! The story is confusing, but the witnesses (the few that lived) report it was another evening as usual in the common room when a strand of silver energy appeared in the corner. The strand passed right through Lens chest and he screamed, becoming gaunt and wild in the course of a few scant seconds.

Before anybody could react the strand was gone and Len leapt upon Taran and ripped him to shreds in a second, I have seen the body it looks like somebody took an Axe to it for an hour…. I feel ill.

The soldiers in the common room grabbed their weapons, but Len (a small rake of a man), managed to kill 4 of them before he died of his wounds.

Those that survived felt ill for a few days, they say it was though they felt a hand reach inside and pull at their soul. Things get worse….

Journal Section 4

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