Journal Section 3

Year 111

Jan 8th

My trip to the city did not yield the information I had hoped. The mages guild has always worked closely with the Chosen and had more privileges, but to see them respond to my questions as though I was a lowly goblin was shocking. There were many rumors flying on the street. The ones I was able to confirm:

  1. Over the last year 500 soldiers have been dispatched to join the Chosen in some battle, so far none have returned
  2. For the past few years goblins have been taken into the Towers of the Chosen and not been returned. This was not happening when I last lived there.


  1. That the Chosen are at war is known, however as to whom with there are a million opinions: gods, angels, Elves, Lost tribe of Lows, the dead, Elemental beings, The Raven Queen… it goes on
  2. The Chosen are still so angry with the Lows that they have taken to eating them for dinner. (nonsense, I have never heard of the Chosen eating)
  3. Our soldiers have been transformed into wraiths to fight on the Chosens behalf
  4. The Chosen have rebelled against the Lord Master…. This is a dangerous rumor to spread the man who told me was dragged off the next day to the dungeons. The Lord Master has not been seen in my lifetime, his will has always been made known through the Chosen.

Year 112

June 24th

The new captain Sir Petrar has barely been here a week and he has already had 2 of his own men flogged for sloth and failure to maintain their equipment. They had become quite lax and casual under Sir Legarid, we will welcome the more competent protection as the world has gotten more dangerous. However his temper extends to all things, and even my position seems to barely protect me from his wrath. He was beating a Low for dropping crate of supplies and nearly disobeyed my direct order to stop. The look he gave, I felt it was in him to kill me on the spot. That Goblin apparently fell and crushed his skull against a rock later that night. It was a message I believe. Can things get worse?

Journal Section 3

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