Journal Section 2

March 19th

A soldier (Anders) and a Lowest were killed today by some unknown beast last night. They were making repairs to the wheel when they were taken and nobody saw much, but found Anders body and a piece of the goblin. We have never had a beast even approach such a large group of men, the captain is taking a group of soldiers into the forest, but I don’t hold much hope, they are not good woodsmen.

May 28th

I had a man flogged today for beating a Low so badly it was unable to walk, it may not survive the night I am told. I have made no friends with the soldiers for my actions, but we must not be beasts. The man was a drunk, merely a brute that took out his rejection by one of the ladies at the Inn on a slave. Thankfully the law allows for punishment for interfering in realm affairs and damaging realm property.

Aug 8th

It was a somber anniversary tonight. A year. No end in sight. And my contacts in the city say most of the Chosen have withdrawn, that there is a war waging on another plane and some of the Chosen have been killed. No wonder humans were allowed to rule this enclave, they don’t really care.

Year 110

March 2nd

We lost 3 soldiers and 1 caravan driver today. They were attacked outside the inn by an undead beast that drained the life right out of them. It slipped out of the forest and was on the caravan driver who was coming out of the inn in moments. If a patrol hadn’t been passing by and raised the alarm things might have been much worse. Master Seamus showed up and helped destroy the creature. Seamus believes it has crossed over from another plane he calls the Shadowfell which he says is “close” right now. He refused to say anything else, but I believe he knows a lot more than that, I will have to see if I can get to the city and do some of my own digging. In the mean time I have ordered the clearing of nearest 50ft of forest and using the lumber to build a wall. I won’t sleep well for awhile; the images of the dead guards pale and drained of blood won’t leave me anytime soon.

Journal Section 2

Through the Fire and Shadow Mando