Journal Section 1

Journal of Lord Donn

Founding year 108 h4. Aug 8th

I have been given a position of great responsibility; while this new outpost is tiny, upon its shoulders will temporarily rest the lives of much of the Land. The Dark Chosen have been forced to draw life from the rivers to provide aid against those who would see us all destroyed. However for the first time we, first among their servants, have been given our own settlement. It is a small thing, but I have hopes it will see us rise up and show our worth, as I know we can. It is almost too bad this new freedom will end when the rivers revert in 3 months, but maybe it is just the start!

Aug 11th

Construction is going well, but it is exhausting. Even while we construct the buildings we will live in, we are loading wagons by hand at such a dangerous pace that 2 goblins were trampled to death today when an overworked driver didn’t watch where his charges were going. Even the lowest of the Chosen’s servants, despite their past crimes, do not deserve to have their lives thrown away. I have diverted work from the barracks to construct a reverse water wheel that a clever smith Taran has designed. There will be grumbling, but sleeping on the ground another week is a small price to pay for the increase in efficiency and safety it will bring.

Sept 14th

We have just finished the last of the permanent buildings, the quarters for the goblins. I had quite a fight on my hands with the foreman over increasing the pen sizes to twice the city standard. I have long thought that the lowest had earned the right to a bit more dignity, as long as they serve the Chosen I will not punish them with sleeping space barely half a mans height in width. Though I hope they don’t get spoiled by it, when they move with us back to the city, I am told by the latest dispatches that it should be no later than January.

Year 109

Jan 29th

No explanation from home as to when we will be finish, nor why the river corruption has gotten worse. We are functioning well here, but at 1 hour to fill a wagon, the wheel turns nearly 12 hours a day. We are all exhausted, hopefully not too much longer.

Journal Section 1

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