Adventure19 Dream

You awake to find your self standing in an ocean of grass. You feel relaxed and calm as you lie down to stare at the blue sky overhead.

After a time that could be minutes or hours you notice a dark cloud encroaching on the sky. You stand and off in the distance you see a dark mass slowly crawling over the sky. And somehow you know that where the shadow of that cloud is touching the grass is dying. You look around desperately for something to help you and are surprised to find a large stone house has appeared behind you. The sky grows dark and you push open the wooden door and stand in the small entry room. A curved stair leads up to the second floor, and the air is growing dark around you. Your breathing is difficult and as the light fades you see the only source of light, a weak candle sitting on table through a door under the stair.

You stumble forward knowing if you look back something will be reaching for you, as your hand closes on the candle, its flickering stops and it flairs brightly. You hold it aloft and shine it around, a small circle of light is created against the blackness, not big enough to show you all of the room you are in. The darkness pools around the light like dark water.

You turn to push deeper into the house, there is something you need here, your not sure why, but you are too terrified to leave the house without it. As you move further into the room away from the door you came through a flicker at the edge of your vision rushes from the shadows…

... you awake with a shout, hands up to ward against the dark. You let your hands fall as you stare around the small room at your comrades in cots with your equipment piled against the walls, against your chest the symbol of Gizban is cold.

Adventure19 Dream

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