Through the Fire and Shadow

So thirsty!

After talking with the Eladrine ruler the Goblins decide to head northwest to investigate a Water Depot a capture human told them about. It seems that since the main river is corrupted, seemingly by the shadow creatures towers, all the drinking water is shipped into to the human towns.

The goblins think that by sabotaging their drinking water they can drive a wedge between the humans and their shadowy masters.

Revad the Eladrine Captain accompanies them so he might learn more of this threat that has attacked his town.

The first night after leaving the town while making camp a silvery thread 10 feet long suspended in mid-air appears momentarily in their camp. This thread seems to be trying to drain the life out of them and in the few seconds it exists causes a few of them to loose some strength.

As they continue their journey the find the human roads leading towards the water depot, however they find a water wagon already destroyed and before they know it they are attacked by a group of mutated/twisted humans who used to be water wagon driver and guards.

Victors return?!

After an uneventful journey back to the Eladrine settlement the heros are alarmed to discover the bodies of human and Eladrine soldiers on the outside of town. Following a trail of destruction they find the “head House” of the town under siege by small force of Human soldier and Shadow creatures. The goblins are able to take the human archers by surprise and help turn the tide.

While the town has been saved there are surely more soldiers and shadow creatures out there and nearly half the eladrine soldiers have been killed

Enter High Elves, Stage Left

Our diminutive Heroes accompany the Eladrine Captian Revad back to their small forest town where they learn that 3 weeks ago their portion of the Feywild (the plane on which the town normal resides) was pulled into the Mortal world.

While there are many places in the Feywild the sometime slip over to the mortal realm, this is not one of them and it has become trapped.

While they have almost no experience with the mysterious shadow creatures they are being threatened by some Gnoll attacks and do not have enough warriors to go searching for them. The ask the heroes to hunt them down for a modest payment (1 lvl 5 magic item and some gold).

The party decides to help out as this is the first friendly group they have encountered. The are able to chase down and catch 2 gnoll raiding parties unawares and annihilate them to the last beast. After 2 days they track down the base camp at the foot of the mountains and destroy a larger group of Gnolls including some sort of shaman and an animated fire elemental in the shape of a lizard. The Gnolls refer to “Fire god” a few times which might be this creature.

After the battle the find the lone survivor of the raids a traumatized Eladrine Youth who has seen his family killed and eaten by the Gnolls and was next to be sacrificed. They also find a rough map on some sort of skin that indicates the surrounding wilderness and seems to have the Eladrine city marked on it as well as what turns out to be a Shadow Tower along the main river. More disturbing is an additional location further south in the mountains which looks like it is the start point for an attack on the Eladrine.

Sir Bonk remarks that the symbols used on the Map are very similar to those used on human maps that he has seen when studying.

The story so far

Our heroes have rescued a Eladrin warrior from a large group of Shadow creatures that had already killed 2 of his compatriots.

He has asked them to escort him to the Fey city he calls home which has become trapped in the Mortal world. They have agreed as the Eladrin is the first remotely friendly group they have run into.


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