Through the Fire and Shadow

So thirsty!

After talking with the Eladrine ruler the Goblins decide to head northwest to investigate a Water Depot a capture human told them about. It seems that since the main river is corrupted, seemingly by the shadow creatures towers, all the drinking water is shipped into to the human towns.

The goblins think that by sabotaging their drinking water they can drive a wedge between the humans and their shadowy masters.

Revad the Eladrine Captain accompanies them so he might learn more of this threat that has attacked his town.

The first night after leaving the town while making camp a silvery thread 10 feet long suspended in mid-air appears momentarily in their camp. This thread seems to be trying to drain the life out of them and in the few seconds it exists causes a few of them to loose some strength.

As they continue their journey the find the human roads leading towards the water depot, however they find a water wagon already destroyed and before they know it they are attacked by a group of mutated/twisted humans who used to be water wagon driver and guards.



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