Hiding from the past

It has been 120 years since the goblin nation was driven from their homeland. Only 1 in 5 survived the slaughter at the hands of their shadowy foe. For generations they have feared the day these demons would appear again. Some grew strong and hungered for revenge, while others wanted to forget their old home and stay hidden in the remote valleys that had sheltered them.

The shadow found them again

The druid groves have began to fail and a dark presence turns the song of nature from its tenders. Things have slipped through from the feywild and beyond that is a shadowy corruption of nature. Their new home is threatened.

Flee again, or Fight?

What has happened in the lost homeland? What are the shadow creatures that so quickly and mercilessly attacked so long ago? Do they still live, or were they like a brush fire roaring through the land only to disappear to where they came from? 6 goblin warriors are selected (1 from each of the new clans) and sent on a journey back to discover what has become of their homeland. Should they find it unlivable the goblins may face extinction as their new home falls to corruption.

Through the Fire and Shadow

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